Treating Cancerous Lymph Nodes Through Cancer Treatment

Cancer cells can travel to other parts of the body either through the bloodstream or through the lymphatic system. Anyone who has cancer should therefore be concerned about treating cancerous lymph nodes

Cancer and Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes themselves may suffer directly from a primary cancer or may eventually come to be affected by cancer in another organ. Primary cancer that originates from the lymph nodes is called lymphoma and is actually cancer of the white blood cells in the lymph nodes. These cells may begin to multiply uncontrollably until the lymph nodes swell. 

It is also quite possible that an organ that has cancer cells may spread those cells to lymph nodes. The first lymph nodes to be affected are those that are closest to the organ or within the region of the organ. In time, the cells that have migrated to the regional nodes may move on to succeeding nodes until the cancer has spread through the body. In this case, other distant organs may also be invaded with cancer cells. 


Just like infected lymph nodes, cancerous nodes can be treated by treating the cause of inflammation. Cancer treatment is therefore also the answer to treating the lymph nodes. Not every kind of treatment will be appropriate for you. Your doctor may have to closely assess your type of cancer, the stage of cancer, your general health and your fitness for a specific kind of treatment. Some people may have to undergo a combination of treatments. 

Common Types of Treatment

Different patients undergo different kinds and combinations of treatment. Here are some common forms of cancer treatment: 

Chemotherapy is probably one of the most well known treatments for cancer. It is not however appropriate for all types of cancer. This treatment option is usually resorted to if a patient has cancer cells that are already beginning to spread to other lymph nodes and body parts. It may also be used to prevent cancer cells from growing again after some other form of treatment. Chemotherapy simply involves the use of different kinds of potent drugs. As most of us know though, these drugs may cause such side effects as vomiting, nausea and hair loss. 

Surgery is a procedure used to remove cancerous tumors, affected lymph nodes and neighboring tissues that may be affected by cancer. There are different surgical procedures depending on the type and extent of cancer. It may not be an effective treatment option if cancer has thoroughly spread through the body. 

Radiation treatment uses radiation to attack cancer cells. In some instances, this is a kind of treatment that is used in combination with other treatments like lumpectomy to ensure that remaining cancer cells do not multiply. 

Hormone therapy can help prevent the recurrence of cancer or help stop the spread of cancer cells by modifying hormone activity. This form of treatment however is only effective in cancer types that may progress partly due to hormonal activity. An example of this type of cancer is prostate cancer in which dihydrotestosterone plays a role.

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